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Cafe Italia

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Fettucini Alfredo

Tossed in a rich cheese cream sauce.

Meat Lasagna

Mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce

Spaghetti Bolognese

Meat sauce, and your choice of meat ball or Italian sausage

Serving since 1976

Voted "Best Neighborhood Restaurant"

Since 1976, Cafe Italia has been one of Crystal City's premier restaurant. Located in the Historic Restaurant Row at the Aurora Highlands neighborhood in Arlington, Virginia. Cafe Italia offers Authentic Italian Cuisine, great pizza, salads, soups; special events, private dinning, business meeting and more. Our food is always fresh and handmade to order, we strive to provide you with an excellent dinning experience with a friendly service and a casual relaxing atmosphere.

Owner's Blog

Proudly serving fine Italian cuisine in the Northern Virginia and DC metropolitan area. The passion in our food comes from the passion of our Chefs. Our food is prepared carefully with only the fresh-nest of ingredients, our authentic recipes, and our food portions are certainly not shy.There's so much more to authentic, Italian- cuisine, but it's more fun to taste it rather than read about it. Visit us today for a perfect and memorable meal served family style or one dish at a time.

Customer Review

I really liked this place. It's not the fanciest in the world, but the food was really yummy and the staff was really friendly.

I went solo (cause my American Airline points were about to expire, and they are on the dining plan...) plus, no one wanted to go with me they were all "tired"... whatevs... anyways - I have a seat at the bar and had a glass of wine along with a ravioli dish. It came with a salad, bread, a sausage and meatball.

It was super cheesy and really good. Not too much food either - sounds like a lot, but I didn't regret eating it all, so its a good thing. Flavorful sauce, the bread was warm and fresh. Salad was meh, but I didn't come for the salad... I came for pasta and points - and will be back for more!

Heather L.

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